Legofest 10/21/2016

We had the good fortune of attending the Legofest in Milwaukee on October 21st 2016. It was an excellent experience, the kids loved it and so did I. It was great to see so many full scale models that you could interact with and touch. There were a number of activities that you could participate in and many of them provided a mini Lego kit for participation!

One particularly interesting event was a talk by a Lego Master Builder. The Master Builder that presented was named Dan, he is pictured in the second photo in the slideshow. They taught us some structural tips in order to make Lego structures more durable, notably to stagger the bricks so the Lego in one tier is above the joint in the Lego in the lower tier.

Another thing the kids really enjoyed was the free building area. There was a huge pile of Lego in the middle of the convention floor. You can see this in the seventh photo of the slideshow. The kids could build whatever they liked, and even bury themselves like they are at the beach in the sand. It isn’t often that you get to play with this amount of Lego’s and all the children and plenty of adults really seemed to enjoy it.

This was a great experience and I would suggest anybody who enjoys Lego’s to check it out if they get the chance. Lego’s have such a long history, being in business since 1934, they really pack a nostalgic punch. They are also masters of quality control, so many millions of Lego pieces and they all fit together regardless of manufacturing location or age. I once purchased a Lego set that was missing a piece and they had an excellent high tech mechanism to report and replace the problem piece. I was really surprised to get a personal follow up and the gentleman I spoke to mentioned that all Lego sets go through a manual QA process. He said that defects in the kitting is rare, but it does happen. As an engineer who loves to tinker, Lego is a company close to my heart, and I really enjoyed Legofest 2016 in Milwaukee.

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