Varanasi & Sarnath


city of spirits

and the spiritual

Sarnath is where our children learned how to playfully behave at temples

After this visit, they asked to see more temples.

When we arrived in Varanasi, we stayed at the Ganpati Guesthouse. It was hard to get a room here and we had to plan the whole trip around this reservation. We entered through the back on the Ganges River and Ghats. Our legs burned as we walked up the stairs looking for the entrance. Carrying our bags up many flights of uneven steps was strenuous, but it got us in shape for walking through the rest of the city. You could sit on the steps and watch the whole world go by. The Shiva Temple in the middle of the city was another temple that our kids really got special treatment as Americans. We had to register our passports with police and were told not to take any photos. Our camera was left safely with the police and we were escorted in through a long line of Hindu travelers. Shortly after we entered, a priest engaged our children and offered a flower garland dipped in holy water. He was behind a gate and couldn’t hand it to us so he threw it over their heads and splashed their faces that was sticky with milk. There is a fast flow of visitors, so be aware you might get pushed around.

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