The Animals of our Travels

This is a Whale Shark we found while snorkeling in Baja (ba-ha) Mexico in 2018
Above is a video of a Seaturtle spotted in Exuma, Bahamas. The clicking noise you hear is a man hitting a rock on a conch shell to call over the turtle.
This is a dolphin pod spotted on a boat near the channel islands in 2018.
Humpback Whale Sighting on a Boat!
Monkeys Found Outside of Ellora Caves in Araungabad, India.

It’s Agni!

Hello! This is Agni! I am a gamer, a coder, and an activist!

Whale Shark Sighting!

Move West, NOW!

I wake every morning hoping to see the sunrise. most days I get up before 7 and fall in love with the view. The sun peaks between the palm trees with amazing colors that burn my eyes, but I just can’t stop staring! I immediately get this satisfaction with our choice to move our family to California with absolutely no regrets!

Hotel Erwin and Eggslut December 23rd 2018

After a few grueling months on the road we needed some creature comforts. A night in Venice Beach staying at the Hotel Erwin followed up with breakfast at Eggslut did the trick. Hotel Erwin is a comfortable hotel with a great location right on the beach.

2018 Travel Timeline


jan 27th zurich
jan 28th india mumbai
jan 30th india gujarat
feb 4th varanasi
feb 28th gujarat

mar 2nd dc
mar 4th pittsburg

aug 11th orlando
aug 12th kennedy \ cocoa beach
Aug 13th miami
aug 14th keys
aug 17th ft knox

sept 2nd ft lauderdale
3rd bahamas
5th exuma
7th nassau / paradise island / nobu
8th baha mar
9th baha mar
10th phoenix biltmore
11th sedona laburge
12th grand canyon
14th vegas bellagio
15th vegas four seasons
16th hwy 66 / emma woods
17th faria
19th santa barbarba

21st ojai
26-28th channel islands
29-2nd port hueneme

2nd yosemite
4-6th pohono
7th bridgeport hot springs / tahoe
8th montery / half moon bay
9th big sur
10th faria
12th malibu
13th pasadena
15th-21st milwaukee
23rd ventura
29th rosarito, ensenada, baja de los angeles
31st mulege, loreto, lapaz

1st todos santos
2nd cabo palmo
3rd cabo palmo
4th loreto / beaches (playa de buenoventura, playa del burro)
5th enensada
6th rosarito
7th ventura
17th san diego, rosarito by foot
18th-21 san diego
22nd salton sea
23rd salton sea, slab city
24th santa rosa, palm springs, desert springs, joshua tree
25th joshua tree
26th ventura